Round Nut Tapping Machine

Round Nut Tapping Machine

Yixing Hai Cheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a fastener automation equipment manufacturers, the establishment of 2003, in 2008 registered in Yixing Ding Feng machinery, in 2014 changed its name…

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Yixing Hai Cheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a fastener automation equipment manufacturers, the establishment of 2003, in 2008 registered in Yixing Ding Feng machinery, in 2014 changed its name to Yixing Sea Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd…Located in the famous domestic cold pier machine production — Yixing City, Jiangsu province. The main items; The series of nut tapping machine, drilling machine, milling machine.
The strength of the production company, has more than 3000 square meters of standard production site, with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan, excellent production equipment complete. Machining center, CNC lathe, surface grinder, lathe, multi-faceted milling, drilling, milling and other a series of production equipment, with customer tailored industry automation production equipment.
Companies continue to introduce technical personnel, the formation of a strong technical, experienced R & D team, according to the existing production site to develop automated production design.
The series of nut tapping machine, drilling machine developed by our company has made significant achievements in the field of non-standard. In people-oriented, pay attention to practical design philosophy, to save manpower, improve production efficiency has outstanding effect, has attracted many domestic famous enterprises to buy, and exported to Argentina, India, Russia, Pakistan and other, welcome customers from all walks of life to come to visit.

Main application of round nut tapping machine

This is special tapping machine for round and inner hole nut.

Configuration and characteristic for round nut tapping machine:

1, This machine is a special tapping machine for round and inner hole nut, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable performance.

2, The vibration disc is used to feed the nut, it is full automation, one person can operate many tapping machines.

3, The machine use frequency conversion speed control.

4, It has the function of tap protection, tapping abnormal will stop in time.

5, It is equipped with intelligent troubleshooting function, and the display will display the fault location for easy maintenance.

6, It must use special tapping oil, if use cutting fluid, it will affect the service life of the jacket.

Problems that  appeared :

What Causes the Breaking Taper of Automatic Tapping Machine

1.Too fast feed speed leads to excessive torsion. It is suggested that the speed of tapping machine should not exceed 100 RPM when thread is processed with ordinary taps.

2.Bottom aperture does not match tap. For example, when processing M5 *0.5 threads of ferrous metals, the cutting tap should be used to drill the bottom hole with a 4.5mm diameter bit. If the 4.2mm bit is misused to drill the bottom hole, the cutting part of the tap must be increased during tapping, and the tap will be broken. It is suggested that the right bottom hole diameter should be chosen according to the type of tap and the material of tapping parts. If there is no fully conforming bit, the larger one can be chosen.

3.Improper operation. When processing blind hole threads, when the tap is about to touch the bottom of the hole, the operator does not realize that it is still feeding at the tapping speed before reaching the bottom of the hole, or forcibly feeding causes the tap to break when chip removal is not smooth. It is suggested that operators should strengthen their sense of responsibility.

4.Not using cutting fluid or improper selection. In tapping process, a lot of heat will be produced, especially some non-ferrous metals, which have strong ductility, so it is necessary to select cutting fluid properly.

5.Not enough concentricity. At the beginning of tapping, the starting position of the tap is incorrect, that is, the axis of the tap is not concentric with the center line of the bottom hole, and the torque is too large during tapping, which is the main reason for the breakage of the tap.

Is stability important for automatic tapping machine?

In the process of operation, the equipment has a good stability, which is very important for future use. We use automatic tapping machine in the process, the same needs to ensure overall stability, but some people may not be particularly clear, how to ensure stability?

When using the automatic drilling machine, in order to ensure the stability of the equipment, it is necessary to carefully set the specific parameters of the equipment.

In different situations, when drilling, we need to use these parameters will be different. If we do well in advance, we will be more stable in the process of operation and avoid unnecessary accidents. In addition, the automatic tapping machine uses the computer control method, and has the function of fault alarm, so in the process of operation, even if there are some problems, it will timely alarm. Some problems can be found in time, and then can be better handled, which is very important for future use.

Machine type Code and Meaning:

Data Table:

Machine Type Tapping Range Max Outside Dia of Nut(mm) Output
Power(Kw) Size(L*W*H)(m) Weight(T)
2 Spindles 2 Spindles 2 Spindles
GM12Y M5 24 35-45 3.6 1.9*0.7*1.6 0.80
M8 30-40
M10 25-35
M12 20-30
GM24Y M14 43 20-25 5.2 2.3*0.9*1.7 1.4
M18 14-20
M20 55 12-16 2.6*1.1*1.8 1.5
M22 12-14
M24 10-12

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