Hex Nut Tapping Machine

Hex Nut Tapping Machine

The Flange Hexangular Tapping machine of Pneumatic Four spindle. It can direct against the tapping machine of DIN 934. DIN 985. Fin thread, pylome teeth nut. IT can loss finish…

Product Details

The Flange Hexangular Tapping machine of Pneumatic Four spindle.
It can direct against the tapping machine of DIN 934. DIN 985. Fin thread, pylome teeth nut.
IT can loss finish of thread is high with 100%
The automatic different type /cat nut tapping machine of double spindle.
The machine is high-speed production standard machine, as long as the nut rough add to the tape feeder,
The entire list could be directly putting into orbit and do the automatic tapping of the machine.
Action of machine adopts of fully automatic continually tapping, one can operate more machines.
For the more details of the machine, please contact me.
Other type nut tapping machine’s specifications

Configuration and characteristic for hexagon nut tapping machine:

1, This machine is a special tapping machine for flange and hexagon nut.

2, The vibration disc is used to feed the flange nut, the hexagon nut is used hopper to feed, it is full automation, one person can operate many tapping machines.

3, The machine of above M14 use frequency conversion speed control.

4, The machine of above M16 use chain transmission.

5, It can only be used for the product tapping of the perforated and angular product.

Machine type Code and Meaning:

Data Table:

Machine Type Tapping Range Output
Power(Kw) Size(L*W*H)(m) Weight(T)
2 Spindles 4 Spindles 2 Spindles 4 Spindles 2 Spindles 4 Spindles
GM8B M3 80-90 2.4 4.7 0.8*0.8*1.6 1.2*0.8*1.6 0.60 1.00
M4 75-80
M5 70-75
M6 55-60
M8 45-50
GM12B M10 32-37 3.2 6.3 0.8*0.8*1.6 1.3*0.8*1.6 0.80 1.20
M12 25-28
GM16B M14 19-21 4.7 10.2 1.0*1.0*1.7 1.4*1.0*1.7 0.90 1.80
M16 17-19
GM20B M18 12-14 4.7 10.2 1.3*1.0*1.8 1.6*1.0*1.8 1.00 2.20
M20 10-12
GM24B M22 8-10 6.3 12.5 1.4*1.0*1.8 1.7*1.0*1.8 1.50 2.60
M24 7-9
GM33B M27 5-8 8.3 16.5 1.6*1.3*1.9 2.0*1.3*1.9 2.00 3.50

We have all the type of nut tapping machine. For the Flange hexagonal nut.
For the different type nut, and cat nut tapping machine, we have Automatic cat nut tapping machine of double spindle.
Our machine has exported to India, Indonesia. And so on.

Machine Working

Our customers :

Packing :


1.Payment term

After the contract is signed, you shall pay 40% deposit, then the contract comes into effect.

2.Arrange production

Mass production is managed upon getting deposit . .


we recommend you to choose wooden box packing to avoid damage during the transportation.

4.Check the acceptance

When receiving the goods, please check product carefully: Whether there is packing damage, leakage and whether the goods are damaged; Whether product quantity and accessories are same as required; Whether all machine details are fine If there is any problem about machine, please take pictures and contact us immediately.

5.Warranty time

One year warranty. We can send you the machines’ components for free in the first one year if it is not be damaged on purpose. And we offer life-long maintenance.  After warranty time, customers shall pay money for component and express fee.

We can provide debugging on site and training for customers, but customers need to pay expense. In this case, the customer will pay for air tickets between China and buyer’s destination and free provide accommodation and meals.

12 months warranty begins from the day when the machine arrives. If it can’t work normally, my company will send engineers to your factory within 24 hours after receiving your notice. We still support maintenance for machine even warranty expires.

6.OEM Service

We accept purchase orders with customers’ brand or trade mark.

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