What should I pay attention to when using the tapping machine?

Aug 7,2019

1. Check the single-phase 220VAC power supply voltage, whether the grounding of the outer casing is good, whether the power supply connection is correct, and whether the power supply is safe.
2. Determine the installation platform, smooth countertop, and large extension space to ensure that the tapping function can be extended safely and freely.
3. Each part of the bolt is accurate and the frame is flexible.
4. Check the size of the threaded bottom hole and select the appropriate tap.
5. The working speed of tapping depends on the size of the tap and the material of the product. In use, please set the working speed according to the size of the faucet and the material of the product.
6. When changing the tap, adjust the high and low gears and the rotation speed according to the size of the tap to prevent the tap from being damaged due to the high speed and reduce the working efficiency.
7. The correct use of tapping oil directly affects the tapping effect and ensures the smooth progress of tapping lubrication.
8. Check the sharpness of the tap at regular intervals during the tapping process. If the tap is not lost or the chip is stuck, the chip removal is not smooth, and the tap or tapping oil should be viewed and replaced as appropriate.
9. Pay attention to the tapping sound when tapping, and if there is abnormal sound, stop it in time.
10. The tapping workpiece is installed firmly and reliably.
11. If the faucet stops due to poor chipping effect, please use the exit button to perform positive and negative operations in time.
12. Keep all parts of the equipment clean and tidy. Drive control panel reversing button line, the plug is clean and tidy.
13. The tap chuck has overload protection. When the tapping exceeds the rated torque, the adjustable safety clutch is separated to avoid damage to the tap.

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