What are the common problems in the automatic tapping machine?

Aug 7,2019

The automatic tapping machine cannot be started:
Solution: This type of problem is usually a circuit problem. The first thing is to determine whether to start the automatic tapping machine, whether the MCU is powered in the electric box, whether the magnetic switch of the lifting cylinder is in place, whether the knob is in doubt, whether it is XO on the MCU. Finally check if the connection is loose. You can view the schematic diagram of the circuit. When the circuit is not used once, you can contact the technician of the automatic tapping machine.
Broken or bent wire at the wire outlet of the device:
Solution: This can happen due to improper stroke adjustment or taper shank throwing the spindle.
The tapping is stopped during the tapping process of the device:
Solution: Check the coolant concentration and flow rate is satisfactory, check whether the workpiece hole diameter is suitable, look at the thickness and condition of the iron pin, whether the tap accumulates the tumor in the workpiece, adjust the coolant concentration and flow rate according to the conditions to ensure long-term cutting.
During the tapping process, the workpiece rotates inside the fixture:
Solution: In this case, due to the excessive size error of the workpiece, the workpiece size is too small, the fixture is seriously worn, and the taper of the screw used to clamp the cylinder stroke is excessively large. The above problems should be determined before processing.

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