Talking about the development of automatic tapping machine and how to prepare the device

Aug 7,2019

The development of the automatic tapping machine is reflected in the fact that it has achieved production automation, which is the result of the development of science and technology. But the problem that operators should know is that no matter what equipment you use, you should be prepared to read the instructions carefully and prepare the appropriate things instead of carelessness. Now let’s talk about the preparation work before the automatic tapping machine.
First of all, if you want to know how to install a fully automatic tapping machine, you need to know the structure of the device and related components. At the same time, you need to know the effect of the device running. Only when you understand clearly can you prepare for it.
Secondly, after you understand the equipment, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions, record the equipment flow on the book, and write down the precautions item by item, and prepare for the necessary installation.
Finally, before installing the automatic tapping machine, the staff should clean all parts of the equipment and must not be contaminated with dust, oil and water. After installing the equipment, remember to add the right amount of lubricant to the parts that need lubrication.

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