Introduce the principle of tapping machine

Aug 7,2019

The tapping machine is a machine tool that uses internal taps to machine internal threads. It is the most widely used internal thread machining machine. Among them, the pneumatic tapping machine is well received by customers, so what is the principle of the pneumatic tapping machine?
Driven by compressed air, safe, fast, efficient, low gas pressure, small gas volume (0.3~0.8mpa), super large torque output, can be drawn to various steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials; tube bundle overload protection The device has the advantages of small tapping damage, high precision of spiral teeth, simple operation, light weight, no experience and strength at all, and the processing cost is much lower than the processing cost of using CNC machining center, tapping device or manual tapping, and processing. The cost is much lower than the machining cost of CNC machining centers, milling machines with tapping devices or manual tapping. The heavier workpiece does not require a positioning device or movement, and has a large working area (with a radius in the range of 100 to 2000 mm), and the positioning speed is fast and the output is large. Through the hole or blind hole, the wire tapping is continuous, vertical, (universal) angle can be tapped; the processing range is large: (M3-M24). Product, guaranteed service life.
The pneumatic tapping machine is equipped with a precision torque cylinder clamp and is equipped with an overload protection device. The torque cylinder clamp adopts the principle of automobile clutch. Even if it is a blind hole, it does not need to worry about disconnection, effectively control the torque, and ensure that the tap is not easy to be broken or damaged. The accuracy of the helical tooth is above 7 and there is no broken tooth when tapping into the hole or blind hole or Bad teeth happen.

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