Daily operation precautions for automatic tapping machine

Aug 7,2019

1. In general, the torque of the torque clamp is set at the factory, but the torque must be readjusted after using a harder material or after using it for a period of time.
2. The torque clamp housing has two small holes for torque adjustment of one half of the groove. This is very important for the torsion control under M3 adjustment.
3. Lift the buckle with a screwdriver and use a pointed pliers to place the buckle into the two round holes on the torsion adjustment ring. Clockwise rotation increases torsion and counterclockwise rotation reduces torsion.
4. After adjustment, insert the retaining ring into the small hole of the cylinder clamp housing, and the twist will not change.
5. The torque clamp is a thread that guarantees high precision. Therefore, the torsion collet cannot be placed freely, thrown at will or randomly dropped, so as not to affect the tapping accuracy.
6. When the air motor does not turn, the general situation is insufficient airpower. Please check if the air pressure is adjusted to 6-8KG.
7. When the air motor rotates, the torsion collet slips. Please increase the torque of the torque clamp.

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