Automatic tapping machine operation method

Aug 7,2019

Many friends don’t know how the automatic tapping machine is operated. Then let’s introduce the operation method of the automatic tapping machine, as follows:
Equipment use range:
1. With the general exploration of deposits, it also plays an important role in the exploration of non-ferrous metals.
2. In road and rail construction, it is used to excavate the ground and rocks.
3. It is used in mine excavation, venting and explosion points during mining and mining.
Equipment operation method:
1. Place the selector switch in the active position of the control cabinet.
2. Press the start button and the machine will be active.
3. Press the emergency stop button and the machine will stop immediately.
Equipment operation notes:
1. Stop the protective cover when the machine starts working.
2. After each operation, clean the machine and stick to the machine.
3. It is not allowed to refuel the machine while the machine is working.
4. When the machine is working, non-operators should stay away from the machine.

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