Automatic tapping machine common problems and solutions

Aug 7,2019

Based on long-term sales experience and complete supply system, the company strictly controls the quality of automatic tapping machines and has won unanimous praise from new and old customers. Now we will introduce you to the common problems and solutions of the automatic tapping machine.
1. The faucet will wear out too fast, it will reduce the cutting speed; reduce the front angle of the faucet, and will extend the length of the kerf; use a good lubricant; properly heat the parts; accurately polish the tap;
2. If the thread diameter is too large, choose a reasonable tap diameter accuracy; select a suitable cutting fluid to reduce the cutting speed; use a floating chuck for the coaxiality between the tapping thread and the bottom hole of the threaded hole; the front and rear angles of the taper should be appropriately reduced The burrs generated by the grinding taps should be removed to increase the length of the cutting cones;
3. The thread diameter is too small, so choose the accuracy level suitable for the diameter of the tap; it is suitable for increasing the rake angle and cutting cone angle of the tap; the replacement tap is seriously worn; the choice of good lubricant;

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